The voices of our volunteers

"Volunteering for the Living With Aspergers (and Disability) organisation has given me the opportunity to develop new skills as well as improve existing ones.

My attention to detail skills has particularly improved through undertaking tasks such as examining complex legal document including witness statements and court judgements when attempting to find evidence and solutions. I have also enhanced my team-working skills through collaborating with my teammates during discussions at meetings and during invaluable experiences such as conducting mock trials together.

Living With Aspergers (and Disability) organisation as a whole has certainly enhanced my employability skills and has helped me with securing work placements and so it is an extra-curricular activity that I strongly recommend to any student to take part in, to both provide support to vulnerable individuals and gain new skills and enhance their employability out of it" - Doua 

"I have volunteered with Living with Aspergers for the past three years and it has been an invaluable experience.

I have been responsible for providing help and support to individuals with learning difficulties throughout the legal process and I have developed a range of practical legal skills in doing so, including legal research and document preparation. It has helped me better my communication skills from working with a range of different people and I appreciate the flexibility the volunteering programme allows."    - Ffion