Trip to Laguna Gym, my 'Will Experience' - by Bryony

I was slightly nervous as I approached Laguna Health and Spa, as only the day before I had received the dreaded instructions: ‘Bring your gym kit’. This was my first outing with Will, and I was already nervous enough about socialising with the boss without the worry of exercise! I had not set foot in a gym since the beginning of summer, so the thought of a gym session filled me with panic. My fitness was at an all-time low! However, as I approached Laguna I saw Will striding towards the entrance with a huge grin on his face, instantly putting my worries at ease!



Trip to Laguna Spa My Will ExperienceBefore we headed into the gym, we met Beth at the restaurant for a quick meeting. Will treated us both to a yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows – a bad idea before the gym! With my belly full we realised it was time for us to get going. Will needed to purchase a pair of gym shorts to exercise in before we started, so we walked into town first. I was slightly nervous to begin with about being on my own with Will; I can be quite shy around people until I get to know them better, so I let Will make the conversation. To my relief, the conversation came easily to us both! Will discussed how long he had been going to Laguna and what types of sports he liked. He told me about some of the experiences he has had, giving me more of an insight into his life. When we reached the sports shop, I noticed how well Will struck up a conversation with the shop assistants. He didn’t hesitate and just dove straight in, directly asking them for help. This struck a chord with me, as I know that I am not that confident in asking for help. I would rather explore the shop on my own as I think I would feel too nervous! With Will’s new purchase in hand, we were back at Laguna before I knew it and it was time to get going.
My nerves quickly came back again as Will informed me we would be doing a session with a personal trainer at Laguna, who was known for being merciless.

The session began with a nice warm-up on the rowing machines – ‘I can do this!’ I thought. Wrong. While I was getting a stitch from rowing at a gentle pace (I told you that hot chocolate was a bad idea!) , Will took this quickly in his stride and showed just how much energy he had by going at double the rate I was! This did not bode well for the rest of the session! Jumping jacks were next on the agenda, and the competition between Will and I kicked off, with both of us trying to go faster than the other. Our trainer quickly put an end to our competition, however, by informing us that what he had actually wanted was for us to jump in sync, at the same time. This proved to be a greater challenge for us than I thought it would be, providing us with lots of laughter; I had to literally stare at Will’s feet and try and jump every time I saw his feet lift off the ground!

After our warm-up, we went into a separate room where our trainer had set up a circuit for us to do, consisting of lifting weights and some cardio exercises. The nerves set in again; I had done circuits before and they usually ended with me exhausted in a heap on the floor! Nevertheless, I told myself that this time would be different as I couldn’t bear the thought of being teased by Will for my unfitness!

Will was buzzing with energy and raring to go again.Trip to Laguna Spa My Will Experience Picture 2 To his delight, our trainer told us that this time we would be racing each other. Will couldn’t wait to beat me in the race! With my competitive side coming out, we got going, both of us trying to keep up with the other. I could feel my heart rate increasing rapidly; a constant reminder of how unfit I was. By the time we got through one lap of the circuit, I was exhausted! I had not done much strenuous exercise in a long time and I could feel the effects of it. I moved with aching legs to refill my water, having drunk it all during the first half of our session. When I got back, I had a slight glimmer of hope that this would be the end of our session – I wasn’t sure how much more my legs could take! But, to my dismay, our trainer lived up to his reputation by being merciless and told us we would be repeating the circuit, despite our protests! I could tell Will was feeling the effects of our workout too, as he joked with our trainer that the next time he visited Laguna, he would push him in the pool!
Will and I got going again, however at a much slower pace compared to the first lap! Our trainer offered us words of encouragement, trying to keep our spirits high. I was surprised at how much energy Will had though, despite being on our second lap, Will was still going at a pretty fast pace!
The end of the session was greatly received by us both as we were exhausted! I can proudly say I did not collapse in a heap, but merely sat on the step instead! I had a great session with Will, I really enjoyed getting to know him better. I was so impressed by his energy and how easily he can strike up a conversation with someone. A skill that I am quite jealous of. Who knows, maybe I will learn it from him someday!