Fundraising is a vital part of Living with Aspergers, not only to raise funds but more importantly to raise awareness of Aspergers Syndrome and the difficulties people face when accessing information and services. We came up with the idea of a cake and clothes sale to be held in the Cardiff Students Union. We were pleasantly overwhelmed with the amount of donations. Local businesses such as ‘Fabulous Welsh cakes’ and ‘Nata & co’ kindly donated delicious pastries. With all the generous donations and homemade cakes, we were ready to start fundraising. Alongside the cake and clothes fundraiser, we held a raffle.

image002We contacted hundreds of companies and kindly asked for donations. This was a big task, but it paid off and we had a range of businesses who agreed to donate. There was total of 17 great prizes to be won including Glee club tickets, Bingo Lingo tickets, Cricket match tickets and Greggs vouchers which made selling tickets much easier. On the day of the fundraiser the usual hectic student’s union was a lot calmer with a handful of students passing by. We didn’t realise that unfortunately it was reading week which meant a lot of students were in the library or travelled home.

However, we didn’t let this stop us and instead some of us stood outside other university buildings and libraries. It was great to meet students who were intrigued to learn more about Aspergers and the differences our project were making. It was clear that so many students did not have an understanding of Aspergers and were very open to learning more about it. Despite a few obstacles it was clear that you cannot say no to cake and we raised a tremendous £233. The money raised meant the volunteers could undergo training regarding Personal Independence Payment, a system that many people with Aspergers struggle to navigate and receive the benefits they deserve.