Damyan's Blog

I met Will in 2016 when I was working for a not-for-profit organization. LWA was a client of the charity and occasionally there were meetings with Will to discuss potential business opportunities. Although LWA was a start-up back then, I could see the potential of the business. This is mainly because of Will and his passion to help other people in a similar situation to him. Having gone through a lot in his childhood and adult life, Will was very committed in fighting and advocating for the rights of people with Asperger's and helping them receive appropriate support. Damyan

Running LWA was also not an easy task for Will. Although he had the vision and drive, his Asperger`s limited him in terms of task scheduling, appropriate money expenditure and organizational skills. Whilst working for the charity, I was responsible to keep an eye on his expenditure and accounts, and sometimes even I was confused about what`s happening. However, all that changed when he met Fay in 2017. She was his new support worker, however judging by the way they were looking at each other, I could tell there was something more! Soon enough, they got together and even went to Australia for a month, which was a dream of theirs for a while! Fay managed also to support Will on a business level. Since she came on board, Will has become a very organized individual and with her help, Will managed to open LWA`s true potential! 

In 2018 Will and I reconnected, and I started working privately with LWA as their Bookkeeper. Since then I have been supporting Will and Fay in their financial matters and contributing towards LWA`s journey to inspire, motivate and enlighten society to remove societal barriers for those with social communications disorders and learning difficulties. Now it`s been almost 2 years and our journey has been full of interesting endeavours. We`ve managed to help and work with several individuals and organizations. We also launched the “I Will” Experience and Production, which has raised even more awareness about Asperger`s, by sharing Will`s story!
Honestly, I can`t wait to see what the next few years will bring us!