Christmas Came Early, My 2nd outing with Will - by Beth

My second outing with Will began very much the same as the first; walking towards the centre of Cardiff on a rather wet and incredibly cold evening. But this time, as I approached the castle, the city shone blues and silvers; with giant stars bordering the buildings, the smell of German Bratwurst and caramel nuts filling the air, and the faint sound of music playing amongst talking and laughter. Cardiff late-night shopping was among us! Now for me, this meant one thing; an opportunity to shop and take in all of the loveliness that is Christmas!

Before setting off on a spree around the shops, Will and I Christmas Came Early Picture 1decided that a cup of tea was in order, so we headed for BB’s Muffins where I divulged in a double chocolate muffin covered in chocolate frosting and chocolate buttons. It was filling, to say the least! During this time Will and I talked about how our days were and the usual chitchat until eventually, he introduced me to a game he wanted to play, based upon improving our social communication skills in public. The rules were as follows; each of us had ten 1p coins and each time one of us avoided an opportunity to talk to a member of the public whilst shopping, we had to give the other person one of our coins. I was more than happy to agree, as I needed to get over my phobia of asking people for directions or help when in public and this seemed the prime time to do so!
I suggested we head to the German Market; the lights and smells were absolutely amazing, putting us in a truly festive spirit! No sooner had we arrived, Will challenged me, for 5 of coins, to ask a member of the public to have a picture with me at the German market. Unfortunately, everyone appeared slightly scared about this concept so I was unsuccessful,

Christmas Came Early Picture 2however; due to my efforts in approaching new people, Will let me keep my coins! Similarly, I organised for Will to have a picture with a rather talented musician playing in the centre of the city; with the deal being that Will had to start a conversation with her before having the picture. Of course, Will was only too happy to participate and chatty as ever, approached the musician with plenty of polite conversation and a smile on his face!

Now the night was in full swing with the embarrassment of asking people for photos over and our coins still intact, we headed for the shops! We shopped for around an hour, with me dragging Will in and out of jewellery shops looking for earrings for my sister! We approached one shop and I was unsure of what to buy, Will suggested a female opinion would be best (rather loudly) which meant I had to ask the shop assistant behind me! Sneaky move Will! This meant my fear of asking for help was before me, but thanks to Will, it wasn’t all that bad and we ended up striking up a conversation with the assistant for quite some time. Thanks to Will my fear of asking for help in public has been conquered (for now) and we continued to make polite conversation with many of the assistants in different shops, talking about the X-Factor and all sorts of things; all started rather Christmas Came Early Picture 3charmingly by Will.
I left the evening with a grin on my face and a belly full of laughs (and quite possibly a rather large hole in my purse) and Will left with some rather delicious-looking pastries from an Italian stall, yum! I now have a new found confidence in talking to people in the public and Will and I left with ten 1 pence pieces meaning it was a very successful night all round and Christmas very much came early!