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Fay's Blog Part 1

I first met Will in 2016 when we spent a week together on a life skills/coaching course.

I was struck by how energetic and determined this young man presented and was curious to get to know him. He was extremely well-spoken and we soon discovered that we had both had similar experiences in our lives, which prompted the immediate conversation.
We exchanged numbers and then thought nothing more of it for a time.

When we did reconnect we discussed running workshops together, however, it soon became apparent that we were comfortable in each other’s company and after about 6 months of me visiting Will in Cardiff, we decided a full time working commitment would be possible. IMG 4782

Damyan's Blog

I met Will in 2016 when I was working for a not-for-profit organization. LWA was a client of the charity and occasionally there were meetings with Will to discuss potential business opportunities. Although LWA was a start-up back then, I could see the potential of the business. This is mainly because of Will and his passion to help other people in a similar situation to him. Having gone through a lot in his childhood and adult life, Will was very committed in fighting and advocating for the rights of people with Asperger's and helping them receive appropriate support. Damyan

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