A Trip to the Laguna Spa, My ‘Will’ Experience - Beth

As someone who is usually exuberating confidence, I was rather shocked when I noticed the butterflies in my stomach when walking through Cardiff city last week; unsure whether it was down to meeting Will or having to wear a swimsuit! I have done a lot of volunteering in the past, but none with homework quite as exciting as socialising with the boss! Walking through the city I found myself hastily coming up with questions to ask Will in my head; the usual questions; “how are you today?”, “cold weather outside!” Picture 1
It was at this point, when walking towards the Laguna Health Spa, that I realised I was being incredibly silly. This was an experience and my first step into the world of Living With Aspergers, and what better way to do it than spend two hours relaxing in a spa with the main man himself? After arriving in the reception of the hotel, I felt a little out of my depth; huge chandeliers and everyone in suits... I was beginning to think I had come to the wrong place! Soon after though, I saw someone strolling towards the door, as cool as a cucumber with a huge grin on their face. Of course, it was Will.

Straight away i was put at ease; greeted with a huge smile and lots of conversation; we went for a drink in the Laguna restaurant (also Picture 2incredibly fancy!) Once I had had a sip of my Earl Grey, everything felt a bit more relaxed; I tried to let Will take over the conversation at first; asking me questions about my family, what I’m studying and I was only too happy to answer! 

After about half an hour in, we headed for the spa... time for the dreaded swimsuit! It was rather grand inside, all very modern with metallic finishes and a relaxing vibe to it, making me feel better for sure! We then headed to the changing rooms, where I, being too trusting, was almost directed into the Gents changing room, much to Wills amusement! Another one of his practical jokes, which I have now become accustomed to!

Once Will and I had stopped giggling about how incredibly stupid I was, we headed for the pool! Without wanting to be too cliché, it was literally like a sea of tranquillity; so relaxing with Jacuzzi and steam room (all of which we tested for professional purposes of course!) and so quiet you could hear a pin drop.......until Will and I came in of course! As soon as we entered the pool, the conversation continued to flow, without break for most of the duration of the day; I found out a bit more about Will and the business; and Will certainly found out a lot about me, he couldn’t shut me up!
I was so grateful to Will for keeping the conversation going, always interested in what I had to say and being so willing to tell me more about himself. I do have a bit of a fear of the dreaded awkward silence, but I learnt on this Picture 3trip that silence is actually ok! Will taught me (even though he may not realise it) that sometimes it is nice to just sit and take everything in, knowing that the conversation will pick up whenever you want it to; no awkwardness at all!
After a good 2 hours of talking and relaxing it was time to go, which I was actually quite gutted about as I was having such a good afternoon, who would have thought that a day out with the boss would have been so fun! I learnt many things that day, about Will and the company; about how to have good conversation and quite a lot about myself. Will made me feel at ease, keeping conversation interesting and educating me about LWA and how to handle those awkward silences! My ‘Will’ experience was fantastic and a day I won’t forget in a hurry, he taught me to me myself and embrace that without stressing about what everyone else is thinking. I now know that I can and I ‘Will’!